CUSTOMER Advantages

Working with a CVET contractor assures construction and maintenance project owners that they are receiving premium electrical service from highly trained professionals – saving TIME and MONEY on any job!


The CVET workforce is trained at its craft through the comprehensive and accredited Richmond Electricians’ Joint Apprenticeship and Training Center. Through a combination of on-the-job training and classroom and laboratory instruction, CVET electrical workers complete vigorous apprentice educational programs and skill certifications that prepare them to be the best electricians available.


And journeyman-level CVET electrical workers are constantly provided upgrade training to make certain they remain at the top of their craft.


Meanwhile, CVET electricians and technicians are safety-trained and drug-tested.


Our customers have the advantage of having the best workforce available anywhere working for them – resulting in projects that are:

  • Completed properly and to specification,

  • Completed on time,

  • Completed within budget, and

  • SAFE!


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